The April 25th 2024 Edition of the Rust Vienna Meetup will be a special cross-over event with the Rust User Group.

Both Metalab-native Meetup Groups join together to explore this interesting intersection between Rust and Python.

The event will start at 18:00 with some time to arrive, find a seat and chat with other participants. Talks will start at 18:30 and after the talks, there will be enough time to meet the community and enjoy some drinks.


Lightning Talks

In the first talks, Christoph and Stefan will introduce Python and Rust for users of the other languages.

Using Rust & Python in an Apache Airflow ETL Pipeline

"XML to DataScience" is an in-development application that parses xml trader discussions into data objects that can be more easily used for data science and machine learning. For computationally intense tasks where highly optimized Python is too slow to process up to 50GB of xml per day, Rust is used to increase performance by up to 10-20x faster! Demonstrations will be provided of the use of Rust from Python in Apache Airflow and of the difference in speed of the two languages when running the same tasks.

The Perfect Marriage between Crabs and Snakes: PyO3 Demystified

PyO3 is the most popular library for creating Rust bindings for Python. In this talk, Max will not only demonstrate how PyO3 works, he'll also explain some of its inner workings and show you the magic that makes PyO3 so ergonomic and elegant. Moreover, because he recently even ended up as a contributor to PyO3, Max will give you an exclusive look behind the scenes on the library's future and what it means to contribute to such a large and intricate open source project.

Do you have an interesting topic to share with the local Rust community?

Any depth level is welcome: from a beginner-friendly to expert-level talk. Please do not hesitate to write a PM to Stefan to discuss your talk idea to create an engaging experience for everyone.

Join us for an entertaining and informative evening with the welcoming Rust and Python communities in Vienna!

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