Treffen vom 24. 10. 2017



Coding Dojo

It's Dojo time! We will be providing a Kata ideal for first timers and regulars. However, instead of the usual Randori style, we will pair up or form small teams that work independently.

To prepare:

Bring a laptop with a development environment, including a test-framework (with an automatic test runner). Usually, a simple text editor will do.

If you are unsure about the test-framework, you may use

Please make sure you have your setup prepared so we can start dojoing right away. Prepared means: A few mouse clicks or key-shortcuts, and a dummy test is red/green.

If you would like help with any of the things above, please ask for advice on the discuss mailing list!

Moderator: Claus


Nach dem Dojo ist noch Zeit zum Plaudern, für Kurzvorträge, Fragen, eine Tour durchs Metalab, etc.


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